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In his essay “Dreaming in Malaya,” Stewart imagines “celestial navigators” landing in an isolated, com-munity and teaching the people their ways of healing and education in order to replicate, on earth, a society that is free from violence, mental illness, and war.

With this image in place, Stewart astounds his readers with an actual account of such a people, the Senoi of Western Malaysia, who have achieved a utopian social harmony through a practice of dream control and interpretation, taught in daily life through childhood education.

Rather than conquering outer space, the Senoi have “conquered the space inside the individual,” through the following set of psychological and spiritual principles of dreaming: Instead of merely letting the dream happen to him or her, the dreamer should take action, confronting and overcoming danger and steering the dream towards pleasurable experiences, such as transforming a falling dream into a flying one. They are encouraged to enjoy the dream process and continue dreaming until its resolution or conclusion.

Before waking, one should try to obtain a creative product from the dream, a gift to society that is useful or beautiful, like a song, a poem or a design or idea which can be used in waking life.

If one dreams of a friend or relative, one should let the dream guide one’s interaction with that person in waking life towards a harmonious coexistence. Dreams were very important for the Senoi, every morning over breakfast, the entire family discussed their dreams of the previous night.

If there is danger in your dream, you should confront and conquer it. When a child dream't a tiger had attacked them, his parents advise him that such dream tigers can do him no harm. They also encouraged him to attack the tiger himself the next time, if he was too weak, he could call a dream friend to help him

If the danger was fire he should put it out with water. When the child fell from a mountain, he would be able to fly. Enjoyment and pleasure within a dream is encouraged. 

"Try to fly and discover all sorts of things, and always let your dream end on a positive". Even if the dreamer died, he would be reborn, anew, stronger, fitter and faster.

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