Thursday, 18 February 2010


The dream and the dreamer have a reciprocal relationship. The better one understands the person, the better one can understand the dream. My role, as a Dream Specialist is to try and highlight and enhance that intimate relationship with you. 

An example is the famous story of the four blind men that come upon an elephant and share their experience.
" It's like a snake" says the one who feels the trunk. Oh no, not at all replies the second, touching the elephants leg, " It's large and solid, like a temple pillar. " You are both wrong says the third, grabbing the tail, " It's just like a snake" "Are you guys crazy asks the fourth, as he feels it's ear, "It's just like a rug"  The truth is, all of them are right, based on their individual experience, but all of their experiences do not give a complete picture of what an elephant really looks like. 

And so it goes with our dreams. The amazing nature of dreams is their precision, depth, and incredible conveyance of truth. 

Dream Therapy is not a matter of divination, or pseudo intuition, it is a scientific research, needing hard and honest reflection and logical analysis. Only by sticking to this protocol can we be sure of accurate results. Most often, the personages in our dreams are actually facets of ourselves. While sometimes they represent people, attitudes and situations in the exterior world. 

We all have a built-in guide on emotional and practical problem solving in the form of our dreaming mind. I invite you to experience my Dream Therapy as a way to understand and take advantage of the productive work you accomplish in our sleep.

If you are in or around the London area why not book a Dream Interview with me One 2 One.

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" Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision of the future is promise of what you shall one day become: your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil" ~ James Allen

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