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Though some people claim they cannot ever recall any dreams, everybody does in fact dream.

Most people average about 5 dreams per night.

Average time you will have spent dreaming during your lifetime about six years. 

Brain waves are more active while dreaming, then when you awake.

Dreams occur during the part of sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement).REM sleep can last as little as 5 minutes or as long as two hours. During REM sleep there is increased breathing and heart rate and involuntary muscle jerks. During Non REM sleep the person is relatively still.

The body is prevented of acting out our dreams, due to a physiological response that happens when we fall into REM sleep that causes a temporary from of paralysis.

Dreams are forgotten quickly. If not recalled within 5 minutes from the dream ending, at least half of the dream content will be lost. Waiting as long as 10 minutes may cause you to only remember a mere 10% of the dream.

If awakened directly during or from REM sleep, a person can recall their dream much more vividly than if asked to recall once they awaken in the morning.

REM sleep (dreaming) is essential to our well being. Studies done where people were deprived of their REM sleep found that after only 3 days, there was a marked decrease in the ability to concentrate, increased irritability as well as hallucinations.

If you are deprived of REM sleep one night, your body will make up for it by spending more time in REM sleep the next night.

Only about 80% of people dream in colour. The others dream almost exclusively in black and white.

There are several ‘common dreams' that people have, including being chased, falling, running slowly/in place and having teeth falling out.

Noises, stimuli or circumstances from our outside reality or physical bodies are often incorporated into our dreams.
The most common setting for a dream to take place is inside a house.

People that are blind dream using their heightened senses such as hearing, tasting, smelling, touching as well as with their emotions. They can see visually in a dream as well, if they lost their sight later in life.

While in REM sleep, women tend to dream about both sexes, while men seem to dream more about their own gender. As well, both women and men experience increased sexually related physical reactions during their dreams, regardless of what their dream content is.

Things we learn right before going to sleep can be remembered easier than what we learn earlier in the day.

The first recorded dreams are from as far back as 5000 BC.

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