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Why choose Dream Therapy?
An effective dream therapist never tries to interpret your dreams, but by listening, asking pertinent questions, providing the silence and space you will come to your own insights and awareness. It is your dream and you own it and its powerful message in its entirety.
What Benefits can i expect?                                                                Dreams can give you real insight into your inner-self and higher-self, dreams also have been the source of inspiration for many artists, scientists, authors, musicians, inventors, film directors, etc. That they show you stories about yourself in a metaphor language that you can learn for yourself. Dreams can be your own inner counsellor, giving you continuous feedback on your life
During our first session, you will share your dream with me, and tell me a little about your life situation around the time of the dream. As we begin to unpack the dream, I will have more questions for you, and we will explore the connections between your dream and your waking life together. Ultimately, the goal of dream work is to get beyond the dream - which is only a metaphor - and be left with its significance to your waking life.

Most of my clients have been taken by surprise by the power of dream interviewing, and several have also undergone major life transformations after working on a single dream. I personally  take the view that my dreams come from a place within me far more intelligent than my conscious mind.
My dreams are very literal, I already know what they mean
Dreams never show you something you already know. They are always revealing something relevant and important to your life right now, but that you haven't been ready or willing to see consciously. If you already knew it, you wouldn't have to dream about it.

How will I know that the dream Analysis is correct?
When dream work is closing in on the truth, a natural energy that feels a bit like tension or excitement builds within you. And when it all comes together, a strong conviction rises from your core. Even if I wanted to convince you otherwise, I couldn't, because you would just know.

Can my dream be analysed in one session?
In one session you will start understanding the key dynamics of the dream, and making connections to your waking life. Most of the time this will be enough for you. The process we have begun will continue to unravel in your waking life. Quite often, after interpreting one dream, another dream comes that updates the first, and your focus will shift there. In the case of very long dreams, dreams with several parts, recurring dreams, or nightmares, more sessions may be needed.  

Dream interpretation is not something to be rushed. If we rush, we risk missing the important subtle details. Instead, you should savour the process. Every dream is a masterpiece of metaphor and a reflection of your own depth. 

Are there risks associated with dream therapy? 
In a small minority of cases, there are risks to be considered. Dreams reveal a deeply personal truth that is probably already affecting your life in some way. However, as long as it is unconscious, you can deny it. Once you have made it conscious, it's becomes an undeniable part of your life, and change may naturally happen. Dream work also must be handled professionally in order to be emotionally safe. Dreams deal with our most vulnerable material, and must be handled gently and with care. 

For most people, dream work poses no risks, and offers many rewards. These are your own dreams, your own creations. Remaining unconscious is likely to get you into far more trouble than dream work will.

Could I feel worse after a dream session?
Most people feel better after their dream session, even if what they've realised has been emotional. During the dream interpretation, it is normal to feel a certain amount of tension or discomfort. Dream work exposes our vulnerabilities, it takes us straight to the soft and hidden places. For some people, this is a welcome relief. Others may meet resistance, and want to shut down. Either way, I will support you as a professional  dream analyst who has experienced joy, discomfort and resistance myself at different times along the way.

Why should I interpret my dreams?
You gain access to a part of yourself that has an unlimited perspective on every aspect of your life. While we're awake, we see things through our conditioned mind. When we dream, we see things as they really are.

When you dream, important information is being revealed about your current emotional life. Your own most personal, most subjective truth is reflected back to you through your dreams. 

I don't. Only you can know what your dreams mean. If you and I had exactly the same dream, it would mean different things to each of us. The reference point for every image in your dream can only lie within you. That's why one can ever interpret your dream for you. And dream books won't get you very far either.

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" Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream. so shall you become. 
Your vision of the future is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil" - James Allen

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