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The queen of the ocean, La Sirene or Mermaid is known by many names including Yemaya, Mami Water amoung others.

She is a spirit of the water, fertility, motherhood, dreams, music, divinations and healing. 

Because all of the riches of the sea belong to her - sunken treasure, pearls, and corals - she is also a loa of wealth. 

Often she sits upon the rocks in the ocean, combing out her long, beautiful black hair and looking at herself in a mirror. She is one of the most beautiful loa, with pale skin and a mermaid's tail.

Despite her vanity and her role as the siren, she is a powerful and hard-working loa, protective of her children. She rules the moon and dreams, and with her beauty and 
song, she can hypnotise people. 

If offended, she has been known to drown people as punishment, though she will often reward faithful serviteurs with wealth and beauty. She has also been known to take people under the water with her, keeping them in her underwater palace to teach them spiritual secrets and magic.

La Sirene is also said to have a dual nature, like a fish of two colours. As La Sirene, she is bewitching and pale, but as her darker, shadowy self, La Balenn (the Whale), she is black, shiny and fearful. 

La Balenn represents the darker subconscious, the very depths of the oceans. Like water she represents both change and constancy, bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as necessary.

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