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Our highly evolved brains are fantastic gifts given to us by nature. With the development of advanced regions of the brain, human beings gained the ability to conceptualise. 

Through conceptualisation we can learn to deprogramme old patterns of thought.

Changing these patterns leads to unconventional thinking, and a more creative outlook. Using mental exercises will help you take steps towards living creatively in a way that fulfills the spirit. 

Research has shown that our brains grow and change according to our life experiences. These changes are not just about incorporating new knowledge. Changes which are made occur at the physical level, and actually rewire the brains neurons.

It has also been shown conclusively that meditators experience growth in several regions of the brain. The areas responsible for empathy and regulating emotions grow, and with that so does the ability to cope in the world.

To state this simply, we are responsible for our own mental growth. Our habits and decisions affect the way we see ourselves. This mental map of the world in turn changes our reality. Cutting edge science and studies of the mind show that we are at the crossroads of infinite possibilities. It's up to us to shape our world. Both in how we view it and how we act within it. 

With this knowledge then, it becomes clear that we make our own reality. You may have known this, or suspected this at different points in your life. Now though, you have the tools available to make these suspicions into a type of living experiment; in which you are the experimenter and the entire world is your lab.

Most people are attracted to because dream awareness in the dream state allows one to control and direct the dream experience to anything imaginable.

You could decide to fly, make certain people appear or disappear, rehearse situations in prospect of an exciting waking life event. 

This way lucid dreams  become a kind of "holodeck" or "Matrix" that provide endless opportunity to gain experiences that are impossible to gain in everyday life.

However, lucidity is not synonymous to dream control. Meaning that once you turn lucid, it is likely that you are not able to control your dreams naturally. Dream control involves an additional skill set. A lucid dream is simply knowing that you are dreaming while dreaming. Attained dream awareness only enables the lucid dreamer to direct and control dreams deliberately.

By adopting new expectations in a lucid dream, you can deliberately influence the creation of the dreamscape. If you expect that there is money in your dream pocket, there will be. If you expect that you will meet Superman around the corner, you will. If you expect that you are able to fly, you can. Free your mind. 

Controlling your dreams is therefore a matter of controlling your expectations. Which is harder to do than it actually sounds. Fundamentally the dream is only a reflection of your own mindset.

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" Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream. so shall you become. 
Your vision of the future is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil" - James Allen

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