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Lucid dreaming is a process by which you can learn, through regular practice, to become an active participant in your dreams. 

Eventually developing the ability to know that you are dreaming while you are actually dreaming and then influencing or altering the direction or outcome of the dream.

People dream between about five to seven dreams every night but usually only remember the last one dreamed they have before waking. Some spiritual disciplines, like shamanism, believe that dreams are a non-ordinary state of reality that parallel the waking state

Here are easy and steps to train yourself to become an active player in your dreams:

1. Record your regular dreams
For most, it’s practically impossible to recall a dream after they’ve moved from the bed and started their day. Get into the habit of writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Practice keeping a dream journal designed just for that purpose. You can also use a voice recorder, it’s very helpful.

2. Write your plans for the Lucid Dream
When you’re ready to actually start to try lucid dreaming, create a written plan. Begin it by writing down a trigger which makes you become aware you’re dreaming. Glance down at your wrist watch, check the time, check it again, if the time has changed, then you know you are dreaming. This trigger will become the foundation of your practise and a door for you to enter the world of lucid dreams.

During your waking hours, as you progress through the day, get used to thinking “I am not dreaming.” Then, as you say it, get a sense of what being awake feels like, then, glance down at your right hand to see that you are not wearing your red ring. “Check in” like this five to ten times a day.

Same as the last step, only this time do it whenever you notice you’re dreaming. Say to yourself or out loud, “I am dreaming” and glance down to confirm that you are wearing the red ring. Take special notice of how different it all feels in the dream state.

5. Practice your plan for lucid dreaming
As you practice more and more, you’ll become better at and more aware of the frequency of your wakeful dreaming states.

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