Friday, 17 May 2013


Dream Therapy is an ongoing process of self-discovery. You alone can really understand or decipher your dreams because all of the wonderful characters, plots, symbols and events are very personal and unique to you.

Dream Work is as individual as you are, what one symbol may mean to your subconscious is totally different from someone else's. It's a journey of embracing our conscious and subconscious dilemmas, to find a path towards a healthier and more creative lifestyle.

We actually do some of our best thinking at night. Maybe you remember going to sleep with a certain issue on your mind, sleeping on it, and waking with an insight or a solution to your problem.

A dream interview can help you to put your 24 hour mind to work in resolving issues that are important to you. The most important thing to remember in dream interpretation is to feel open and comfortable, as you discover new ways of seeing yourself and the people around you.

In our dreams, we can go anywhere, we can be anybody and we can do anything. Visions, ideas and inspirations can come from our dreams, dreams can help anybody find solutions and see things from a different perspective.

Dreams are a commentary on our waking lives, made up from our personal imagery. London Dream Therapy can help you get to the real meaning of the metaphors, symbols and imagery your mind creates whilst you sleep.

By calling on the aid of your dreams, you will learn to think with an intuitive mind and turn these valuable insights into positive self expression.

If you are in London why not book a Dream Interview with me, One 2 One.
London Dream Specialist

London Dream Study
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" Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream. so shall you become. 
Your vision of the future is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil" - James Allen

As a client it is your sole decision should you choose to use these services. Any services rendered or implied via this portal are not intended to replace any type of medical advice or help. London Dream Therapist, London Dream Specialist and London Dream Study is for entertainment purposes only. If you are in any doubt concerning your health or well being, please consult a medical professional. Please pay special attention to the legal disclaimer pertaining to London Dream Therapy, London Dream Analyst, London Dream Analysis, E-Therapy and Tele-Therapy.

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